Welcome to Wild Food.

Meal Delivery Service

Each week Wild Food’s team creates vibrant, seasonal, custom menus for our clients. The service is delivered to your home once weekly, with simple instructions for reheating to make dinners at home as easy and fresh as possible. A zero-waste program. For more information on this service, click here.


Wild food offers full-service catering for parties up to 60 people. I like to work personally with clients to create inspired menus that work with the season, locality, availability and your vision. I value using what foods are at their peak, abundant and asking to be eaten, and strive to bring about the change within the food industry that avoids the waste of resources. This means that creating menus is flexible and exciting – my cooking thrives off of not knowing what exactly will be harvested from the farms and it fosters wonderful and wild new culinary creations.

If you are interested in booking Wild Food for your event, please contact megstinator@gmail.com or call (415) 464-7680 with your inquiry.

A note from Madge, the owner ~ Wild Food is a collection of food-related passion projects, and a place to be connected to good food. In the midst of the pandemic we have shifted to focussing on weekly home deliveries, and are excited about creating customized, bright and bountiful food for you. Looking forward to cooking for you!