Megan McCulloch – The Cook

On a sentimental note, I’m here on this planet to cook and to nourish people. I hope through my endeavors, that I will remind people of their connection to the soil, the seasons, the cycles, and allow the character of the land to be experienced through food.

I’ve been working as a chef since 2014, curating my own events, working as a private chef and doing pop-up dinners between California and Australia. In 2016 I started working as Chef de Cuisine of A Fork Full of Earth, an organic, women-run catering company in Fairfax, CA. During that time, my passion and intrigue for learning about and working with wild food piqued, and I began hosting foraged dinners and classes in my home in Fairfax. I’ve since worked with from around the Bay Area, Australia and Canada in creating wild meals, from a forage-your-own paella class, to high end 8 course dinners.

I am also a trained holistic nutritionist and incorporate my knowledge of healthful eating in everything I do.


Although my main focus is foraged food, modern California cuisine is my specialty just the same. I work with local purveyors and farmers, and use organic, fresh, seasonal foods.

I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking…

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